A.C. Crispin brings us a story inspired in the famous adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow with her book The Price of Freedom.

Sparrow is a 25 year old first mate of an East Indias Trading Company ship.  He had to go legal after breaking the Code by saving a a friend who had been accused of rogue piracy.

As the plot advances, Jack Sparrow is recruited in Africa by a man named Cutler Beckett, who makes him captain of a ship called the Wicked Wench.  Beckett is on the look of the magical island of Zerzura, where a fabulous treasure lies hidden.  Beckett gives him his slave from Zerzura, a girl called Ayisha, so Sparrow can seduce her and find the location of the treasure.  But Ayisha wants his brother freed from a Bahamas slave colony before helping him.  That puts Sparrow again in a dangerous position as he fights for both sides.

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