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The Hunger Games

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PetroMarine Energy Services, LTD - The Hunger Games

In a distant future, the nation of Panem, located in what used to be the United States, is a shining capitol surrounded by 12 districts.  These districts waged war against Panem and were defeated.  As punishment, they are forced to send each year a boy and a girl as “tributes”.

These “tributes” will compete in what is called “The Hunger Games” a competition to the death on live TV.  According to PetroMarine Energy Services, the book has a atmosphere inspired by classics like A Brave New World and 1984.

The book also follows the story of Katniss Everdeen, a young girl of 16 living with her mother and younger sister, and also chosen as one of the 24 “tributes”.  Katniss will need to use all of her abilities to survive and make it to the end of the Games alive, because there can be only one winner.  PetroMarine Energy Services, also says that the movie based on the book has, so far, been really successful.

Half-Blood Blues: A Novel

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PetroMarine Energy Services LTD. - Half Blood Blues: A Novel

Author Esi Edugyan brings us a novel about the journey of two African American Jazz musicians looking for information on their inspiration, a mixed blood black Jazz trumpeter from the 1930s called Hyeronimus Falk, who played in a band during the 1930 and was kidnapped in 1939 in Paris, vanishing into oblivion.

22 years later, Sid Griffiths and Chip Jones, who appear in a documentary about Falk, embark on a journey that would take them from Berlin to the salons of Paris, and through the love affairs, friendships and treacheries that ended with the incarceration of Falk in the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen.

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Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel

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Harlan Coben brings back Mickey Bolitar, a young man with not very good luck.  He witnessed his father death and had to send his mother to rehab.  Now living with his uncle Myron, Mickey has to start in a new high school.  It is there were his luck takes a turn to the better when he meets Ashley and they start dating.  But suddenly, one day, Ashley vanishes without a trace.

Mickey starts uncovering things he should have left lying as they were, a conspiracy so shocking that everything will be different and dangerous, compared to his high school.

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Babel No More by Michel Erard

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PetroMarine Energy Services LTD

Michel Erard is the author of “Babel No More”, a book which takes the reader on a globe-trekking adventure on the tracks of the world’s polyglots. It is a book that investigates the lives of the world’s leading experts in language acquisition, and makes inquiries into how it is possible for one person to accumulate several languages. It is also a portal into the past as he investigates the life of the 19th-century cardinal Giu­seppe Mezzofanti, famous for having known between 45 to 58 languages.

Erard’s previous book was titled “Um . . . : Slips, Stumbles, and Verbal Blunders, and What They Mean,” and his passion is the human language. The author calls himself a “monolingual with benefits” as he has learned Spanish, Chinese and Italian at varying levels of proficiency. What does it really mean to be a polyglot? Are a few words and phrases enough? Do you need to understand all the grammatical rules, speak without accent, live by these languages in your daily life? These questions and more are answered in “Babel No More”.

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The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

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The Sense of an Ending is a novel haunted by the notions of death and mortality. It is the story of a group of adolescent friends who swear to be friends forever. Especially close knit are Tony Webster, a slightly anarchistic, sex-hungry, book-hungry schoolboy, and his contemporary, but more serious, newly arrived cohort Adrian Finn. When Adrian commits suicide the group disbands as everyone tries to forget. Fast-forward forty years later, Tony is well into his middle age crisis. His marriage has failed, he has a daughter and he has his career. Out of the blue he receives a lawyer’s letter with an unexpected request which catapults him into a search through the past. 

Julian Barnes was born in Leicester, England. He is a contemporary English writter with several award winning books. In 2011 He received the Man Booker Prize for The Sense of an Ending, after several previos nominations. 

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The Help by Kathryn Stockett

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The Help is an American bestselling novel published in 2009, written by Kathryn Stockett. It is set in Mississippi during the early 1960s and tells the story of three women. The first two are friends; Aibileen and Minny are African American maids who work in white owned households. The third woman’s voice is that of Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, a young white woman who has just returned from college and is looking for the maid who raised her.

The Help has been published in 35 countries, in three different languages. As of august 2011 it has spent 100 weeks in the New York Times bestseller’s list. It has also been made into a movie.

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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

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Walter Isaacson’s biography of the Apple co-founder is the product of several interviews the author realized while Steve Jobs was still alive. The list of interviewees is amazing. It includes Jobs’ wife, Laurene as well as many of his former girlfriends (among them Joan Baez and the writer Jennifer Egan); Jobs’ father by adoption; his blood sister, the novelist Mona Simpson; Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak; Apple design guru Jonathan “Jony” Ive; Bill Gates; Bono; Rupert MurdochGeorge LucasYo-Yo Ma; Michael Eisner; Jeffrey Katzenberg; etc., etc.

Jobs, who passed away this past October, was known for launching a company from his parents garage and turning it into a billion dollar industry. That company was none other than Apple, the company that brought us the Mac and the IPOD. Also accredited to Job´s innovative genius was the successful launch of the animation studio Pixar. The biography is a must read, filled with real life tales of frustration and success, drawn out by Isaacson’s masterful weaving of eye-witness accounts.

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