Author David Grossman started writing this book in May 2003, when his oldest son, Yonatan, was serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and was almost finished by August 2006, when Grossman’s youngest son, Uri, was killed in combat during the Second Lebanon War.

The book, almost a personal, heart wrenching account, tells the story of Ora, an Israeli mother planning a trekking trip to Galilee with her youngest son, Ofer, to celebrate the end of his conscription.  Ora’s plans go awry when she finds out that Ofer has signed for a major offensive, which means that his service will end in twenty eight days.

Meanwhile, Ora’s husband, Ilan and his eldest son, Adam, have gone trekking to Bolivia.  That’s why Ora comes to Avram, her best friend and former lover, to go with her to Galilee instead, she believes that being with Avram, her worries about Ofer will diminish and he’ll be safe.


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