In 1969, Karl Marlantes, author and decorated marine, was in Vietnam fighting a war.  This book is based in his story.

Marlantes tells of the stories behind the life of a group

Marlantes introduces us to Liutenant Waino Mellas, a young college student that is dropped in the jungle to fight a war that he thinks is not worth fighting for.  Mellas, in a 13-month tour in Quang-Tri province, along with the members of the Bravo Company, is assigned to a fire support base called “Matterhorn”.  There he realizes the hell that war can be, jungle rot, leeches, malnourishment, endless monsoons, mudslides, Agent Orange, and wild animals.

Marlantes describes in a crude fashion what he lived during his tour of duty in Vietnam, and not only paints to us the gruesome reality of war, he also shows us that there is a human being, exposed to all those hardships, and how we cope with them.

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