Tana French’s book, Faithful Place, is a tale of love and revenge in the heart of Ireland.

In 1985, 19 year old Frank Mackey and his girlfriend Rosie Daly, make plans to run away to England and start a new life.  But when at the night they are supposed to leave, Rosie fails to show up and finds a note, Frank just assumes that she decided to back off and takes the ferry to England alone.

Twenty two years later, Frank, now a member of the Dublin Undercover Squad, is still haunted by the memory of Rosie, so he keeps deliberately away from the place where he lived, Faithful Place, in one of Dublin’s neighborhoods.  He blames his family for Rosie’s disappearance.

But everything is about to change, when his sister comes to him to tell him that in an old house they found Rosie’s suitcase.  With a heavy heart, Frank decides to return to his past and find the answer to the question that still haunts him: did Rosie really leave that night, or did someone stop her before she could?

French also authored a previous novel with Frank Mackey, The Likeness.

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