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Life on the planet Pern is wrought with adventure for all who there abide: lords, harpers, farmers, traders and of course dragonriders. Pern is home to real dragons, whose unique abilities are used to combat Thread, a toxic spore that periodically rains down on the planet.

Jaxom is the Lord of Ruatha Hold and the rider of the white dragon Ruth. Jaxom is a teenager; he is dificult to control and bent on fighting Thread on his own, an act followed by terrible consequences. Parallel to Jaxom’s journey to inner growth, political turmoil unsettles Pern and requires that the inseparable duo use Ruth’s ability to time travel. Their adventures will lead them to discover new information about the past of Pern.

The White Dragon is the third book in the original Dragonriders of Pern trilogy written by the recently deceased Anne McCaffrey. First published in 1978 by Del Rey Books, it became one of the first science fiction books to place in the New York Time’s Best Seller list.

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