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Walter Isaacson’s biography of the Apple co-founder is the product of several interviews the author realized while Steve Jobs was still alive. The list of interviewees is amazing. It includes Jobs’ wife, Laurene as well as many of his former girlfriends (among them Joan Baez and the writer Jennifer Egan); Jobs’ father by adoption; his blood sister, the novelist Mona Simpson; Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak; Apple design guru Jonathan “Jony” Ive; Bill Gates; Bono; Rupert MurdochGeorge LucasYo-Yo Ma; Michael Eisner; Jeffrey Katzenberg; etc., etc.

Jobs, who passed away this past October, was known for launching a company from his parents garage and turning it into a billion dollar industry. That company was none other than Apple, the company that brought us the Mac and the IPOD. Also accredited to Job´s innovative genius was the successful launch of the animation studio Pixar. The biography is a must read, filled with real life tales of frustration and success, drawn out by Isaacson’s masterful weaving of eye-witness accounts.

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