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American Gods- PetroMarine Energy Services, LTD

PetroMarine Energy Services, LTD

American Gods is an award winning prose novel written by Neil Gaiman. It is a complex murder mystery written with blends of Americana, fantasy and strands of mythology.  In the novel, gods and mythological creatures coexist with humans because we believe in them. Correspondingly, as our belief in them diminishes so does their power.

American Gods follows the ex-convict Shadow as he takes sides in a battle between the Old Gods, who arrived in the United States with the pre-independence immigrants, and the New Gods, born as manifestations of modern life and technology. Published in the year 2001 by Headline in the United Kingdom, American Gods is considered a “golden oldie” and was recently rereleased in June 2011 in a special 10th Anniversary edition with an additional 12,000 words.

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Mystery: An Alex Delaware Novel

The famous writer Jonathan Kellerman returns with his character, L.A. psychologist Alex Delaware and his partner, LAPD Homicide Detective Milo Sturgis.

When Sturgis finds the badly mutilated corpse of a woman, he calls his friend Alex Delaware to work on a psychological profile of the killer.  Delaware agrees and is surprised to see that the victim was a woman that he and his girlfriend saw in a restaurant a few hours before her death.

Delaware and Sturgis find no usable clues when an anonymous tip links the girl, known by the alias of “Mistery”, with a wealthy man, Markham McReynolds, and his family.  This is the 26th novel featuring Alex Delaware.

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